Healthy Foods: Keep Your Enemies Close

I guess that if you were to look at my “diet” in the context of how most people eat, you would say that I follow a very strict boring diet. I eat the same thing over and over. It’s simple to make, it tastes good to me, so I see no reason to change. The diet includes:

  • Steel-cut oats
  • Veggies with lean ground turkey/chicken
  • Tuna from a can with veggies or salsa
  • Protein shake

To me, the most important part of any diet is portion control, or just control in general. Eating anything in excess is bad. I have an addictive personality and I find that there are certain foods that I just can’t successfully control portions with.

Of course, there’s delicious food that has a ton of sugar, fat, and usually both. But because I know that they are clearly bad, I tend to have much less trouble staying away from them (examples: ice cream, fast food, beer, wings, etc). These are the “enemies” that I refer to. I don’t mind keeping them close.

It’s the healthy “friends” like fruit that cause the most trouble for me. Because they are “healthy”, I tend to overeat them. There is literally no limit to how many lbs of cherries I can eat. This basically applies to all carb-heavy foods that one would consider healthy. Oatmeal or whole grain cereal is a good example. In fact, I have to separate the oatmeal I eat into measured portions in order to help avoid the all destructive decision of “should I have more?”

It’s all a little OCD, but it works for me, at least better than the alternatives.

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