Gym Doors Open

Finally got access to the gym using my card, instead having to sneak in during Judo practice… EDIT: No wait, after I wrote this optimistic sentence in the morning, I then actually tried to get into the gym and failed. I was promised to gain access tomorrow. We’ll see.

Watching Judo

Tiago Camilo (BRA) beat Guillaume Elmont (NED) in the -81kg bronze medal fight at Beijing Olympics. I watched Tiago with suspicion win on questionable calls throughout the competition. Don’t get me wrong, he is an incredible judoka, especially when watching some of his YouTube performances. He is, in fact, the reigning world champion. He threw Elmont with an ouchi-gari for wazari with just a couple minutes left. Elmont was coming off of two amazing golden score matches and looked like he was dead. Despite that, he seemed to miraculously turn out of the powerful ouchi for what was obviously a yuko (landing on his side) but was called a wazari by the chair judges. Anyway, Flavio Canto’s Brazilian torch has been passed I suppose.

Also, the other -81kg bronze medal match between Gontiuk (UKR) and Damdinsuren (MGL) was bad ass. These guys are both beasts of the division, especially Damdinsuren, whose pick ups were Big and full of that scary explosive power that I love about the wrestling-type judoka. But Gontiuk is probably one of my favorite judoka in this Olympics, and luckily (without help from the judges) he came out on top.

Main Line Judo Practice

Stepped back on the mat today, and thank the Gods that Sensei Tom designed the practice with me in mind… about 60-70 minutes of uchikomi, ALL seoi nage. Total number is 360. What we did:

  • Regular seoi (both sides) = 100
  • Opposite foot forward seoi = 100
  • Cross grip seoi = 100
  • Koga seoi = 30
  • Morote seoi with one hand = 20
  • Morote seoi with 270 degree turn and leg lift = 10

From this experience, it’s clear that I need to restrict myself to uchikomi for at least the next week. Then slowly allow throws. NO GROUND WORK (randori or otherwise).

Also I did about 500 pushups today, not for any reason, just as warmup for my shoulder every time I decided to thoroughly stretch it (which was 3 times). Iced it 4 times. Pain echoes are still there and come up sometimes to remind me not to be an idiot.

I read the Russian Judo book for a while and thought about the pick up Matthew practiced a while ago. This is something that I should get good at.

Conclusion: it was good to step back on the mat. Tomorrow, I’ll do the same, and also a lot of good lifting beforehand.

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