Guard Passing Intervention

There are times in your jiu jitsu development that you need an intervention, either from yourself or your coach or both. First step is admitting that you suck. I did that, and was depressed for a week about it. Step two is to analyze the biggest problems and what needs to be done to fix them. Jared did exactly that, better than most coaches I’ve ever trained with. He taught  four passes, which set me on a long road of improvement in this aspect of the top game.

I now have a clear system of passing. It feels awkward, since it’s new, but it’s clear that the potential is there. Already, I’ve been plowing through guards that gave me trouble before. X-pass, in particular, has been very effective, especially since it’s there more often than the others.

Below are some of the passes I’ve been drilling. The first four are the four that Jared taught me. Two of them I already knew, but there’s nothing like a coach drilling into your brain the importance and effectiveness of a pass. Linked are some youtube videos showing the pass.

I got a chance to drill and work on these in several training sessions at BJJ United. Every hour I spend on those mats, I walk away with a better jiu jitsu game.


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