Gormley’s Field: Sculpting the Masses

Moshe introduced me to the work of Antony Gormley, a British sculptor who has created some of the most thought provoking and powerful sculptures in the last 30 years (though my knowledge here is admittedly limited).

The sculpture of his that blew my mind is called Field, and has been installed in various “configurations” all over the world. The sculpture consists of 20,000 to 200,000 terracotta figures in a room (shown on the left) that are not much more than clay blob with two holes for eyes.

These two simple holes for eyes is all that is needed, according to Gormley, to transform the clay blobs into thinking, conscious human forms. I have to agree with that based on the images I’ve seen. Even just looking at the images, it’s hard to deny the power of thousands of thinking beings looking at me. Are they judging me? Are they worshiping me? Are they waiting for final words of wisdom from a quiet introvert behind a computer on a Sunday afternoon? Or are they nothing more than a mass of individuals, caring little about me, and much more about the minute details of their life that somehow brought them into this room together for a day.

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