Golden Score Randori at Osagame Martial Arts

ray-huxen-harai-goshiI trained at Osagame (aka Philadelphia Judo Club) today and last Sunday. Judo is still a passion of mine, even as jiu jitsu creeps in gradually. It’s fun, especially given that Ray is a good person, good instructor, and good friend.

Here’s a video of some highlights from the two randori sessions:


I should also mention that Ray criticized a previous blog post where I mentioned my growing appreciation of taking the back versus working the clock choke. He then proceeded to attempt the clock choke on me during training, didn’t finish it, and took my back, where he then proceeded to submit me with a bow and arrow choke, thereby proving me correct 😉

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  1. Raymond Huxen

    Au contraire, I was not criticizing, I was just observing that you were considering putting some other technique up on the pedestal with my beloved clock choke. I have no problem accepting the back take particularly,when it flows from the mother technique, Koshi Jime.


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