Freestyle Judo

A judoka and grappler buddy of mine, Matt Marcinek, told me about something called Freestyle Judo. I’ve heard about it before from several people but never really looked into it.

I would say it’s an evolution of judo back to its roots and forward to a martial art that is more encompassing of different grappling styles. It takes the parts of judo that make it an exciting spectator sport, and the parts of jiu jitsu that make it applicable for self-defense / MMA scenarios.

Matt also mentioned that they are planning to hold a freestyle judo event in PA sometime this summer (2011). I would definitely come out to support it. It’s very grass roots right now, but much like voting for the Green Party candidate, I think this type of event has a chance of putting enough pressure on the IJF to alter its rules in the less restrictive direction.

0 thoughts on “Freestyle Judo

  1. Eric

    It souds interesting, waht are the rules and how do they differ from BJJ rules? I imagine the primary difference will be in the point system. Can you provide a link with more info?

  2. Eric

    Sounds like something I would like. I will check out the site posted above, but either way I am all for supporting any tournament that is an alternative to NAGA and Grapplers Quest on the BJJ side and any tournament that that opens up the rules a little on the Judo side.

  3. Eric

    I dont see anything specifc regaring illegal ground fighting techniques besides the gulitine. What are the leg lock rules? Is it the standard, no leg locks and is it also no leg locks for no gi?


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