Force Yourself To Do Stuff That’s Fun

rubiks-cube-whats-upI recently heard Joe Rogan say that everything he does he really enjoys but sometimes he has to force himself to do it regularly. That resonated with me, because I’ve often had to try to explain this concept, and it sounds like a contradiction when I try to explain it. For me, “fun” is something that happens while I’m struggling to overcome a challenge.

This especially applies to training. I often don’t feel like going in to train, but I’ve learned that even though it doesn’t sound like fun right now, it will end up being fun once I get on the mat. Or if I’m really dragging, I still know that the benefit of building the habit of coming in to drill and train far outweighs the costs of struggling through a gloomy training session.

Also, positive attitude is definitely contagious. It helps me to see people like Sam Oropeza on the mat always smiling, joking around, and still working harder than anyone else. By the way, he has a fight coming up on April 4th, 2013 in Bellator.

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  1. Jim Caruso

    Lex – the concepts in your first paragraph call to mind a post by Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project on the “three types of fun,” with Challenging Fun being the type you are describing, where the fun is the longer term gratification of achievement. Then there is Accomodating Fun, which is doing something with friends, girlfriend, wife, kids, etc. that may be a fun activity but not necessarily what YOU really want to be doing; you are doing it to invest in the relationship. Finally, there is Relaxing Fun, which is the passive kind like watching TV that far too many people spend far too much time doing. Wish I could send you the link but I looked for it and the page is messed up.


    1. Lex Post author

      Those two other kinds of fun are ones I’m slowly learning about. I’ve never been able to relax on a beach and do nothing. But you’re bring up an interesting way to look at it. They are indeed both “investments” of sorts.


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