Flower Sweep

Training journal for Thursday at BJJU

Good training in the afternoon and night. High level black, brown, purple belts packed the mats. There were so many exciting matches going on, both gi and no-gi… with reverse de la riva, inverted guard, one legged x-guard, triangle attempts from every angle, crazy backtakes…

In fundamentals, the technique was the flower sweep, which never really clicked for me until today. The setup is key. Jared put the left foot on the hip and used a bump one way to set up the flower sweep the other way.

The combination of off-balancing one way and then the other way is prevalent in a lot of jiu jitsu techniques but especially for closed guard attacks.

Here’s a video of Rafael Lovato Jr describing the basic flower sweep and his variation of the off-balance to one side as a setup for the sweep. PS: He refers to it as the Xande sweep.

And here’s him pulling it off in competition:

Also, here’s a video of the very entertaining Kurt Osiander showing a variation of the flower sweep:

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