First Hole in the Wall

I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions about where I stand in judo and bjj, what my goals are, and where this mythical ceiling of my abilities is. You have to ask these questions to achieve success in life, as Bill Clinton wrote about in his autobiography… make a list (a plan), and accomplish the things on that list. Upon failure, adjust the list. But always keep a list.

Yes, I just did mention Bill Clinton, and the fact that I read his autobiography. I have to say the book itself is probably as good as being orally pleasured by Monica Lewinsky, that is, it’s alright but you’re better off picking up just about any other biography (except Bush’s).

I mention that only because in this “troubled” state of mind, I need as many good practices as I can get. By “good” I mean that I leave the mat with that peaceful exhausted feeling of satisfaction. For whatever reason, I had the pleasure of many such practices recently, though my face and words may not reflect it. Below is a video of a randori session from one such practice. Nothing eventful, just some grip fighting and failed throw attempts with Ray. Plus, the end of the video has the footage of the creation of the first hole in the wall by an “enthusiastic” throw.

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  1. lexfridman Post author

    Thanks bro. I’m a big fan of your blog as well. You need to get an RSS feed so nerds like me have an easier time stalking you 😉

    I definitely hope I get a chance to train with you guys some time soon!


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