Fighting the Good Fight


I competed at one the The Good Fight BJJ tournaments today. I went 4 and 2, losing to the same guy twice in the finals of my weight division and the absolute. That adds up to two silver medals.

Below is a picture of me being not very happy about receiving one of those silver medals. A positive way to look at my performance is to say that no one scored points on me the entire tournament (my losses were by submission), and I stayed on top the entire time. However, how I actually feel is that I lacked confidence on the feet and in passing guard, letting my opponent dictate how the match went. It’s good to be patient, but I wish I open up a lot more.


Overall, it was a good experience.

It certainly feels like I don’t compete enough. I put too much pressure on myself to win, and as a result sometimes I don’t get the necessary quantity of competition matches required to gain comfort with the level of intensity that is characteristic of competition.

I’m hesitant to shoot in. I’m hesitant to pass the way I know I should, and the way I have many times before. Why? Because I don’t want to take the risk. But taking risks is part of learning and is an essential requisite of gaining confidence in the power of technique. For example, I am only now gaining confidence in the knee-cut pass that has for the longest time felt very vulnerable to me. I just didn’t believe it could work, even though it kept working over and over.

This post is already way to long… There are three competitions in August, but for the rest of July (as of now) there’s nothing! The last several tournaments have revealed a few problems in my game, so July is all about fixing those problems!

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      I was going to remind you about it, but figured it wasn’t on your calendar, since you didn’t mention it at all.


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