Fate of the Animals: Mass Extinction

I just came across a powerful painting Fate of the Animals from Franz Marc that he created in the looming terror of World War I:

The painting depicts both the suffering and the cruelty of animals, and that the animal kingdom is not distinct from human civilization. On the back of the painting he wrote “and all being is flaming suffering”. This painting is especially powerful when viewed in the context of the artist’s life work over time. It represents a dark cynical view of nature brought on by the social and philosophical ripples from a world war (in which he lost his life).

Looking online, some people seem to interpret the painting to be about the impact of deforestation on biodiversity. The effect of this is approximately the extinction of 50,000 species of animal, plant, and insect per year.

I see the painting as a reflection of a fleeting pessimistic thought in war: that mass extinction is not a glitch but a fundamental part of nature.

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