Fall Competition Season

I’ve gotten very little sleep in the last month. Focused on a sequence of tasks at work leading up to a presentation after presentation. Stuff needs to get done, I’m getting it done. Still, there are major competitions coming up in September. I’m getting ready, looking forward to Sept 7 (day of last presentation) when I can step it up, or rather, enjoy training, because for me the experience of training without much sleep has been extremely taxing mentally and physically. Here is the schedule for me. If you’re going to any of these, please let me know, as I would like to secure a ride or rent a car way in advance.

Congratulations to JW for winning Chicago. Watching the guy who beat me in NY Open win my division was very difficult. I should have been there. I should’ve won that gold. My failure to finish work early has been wearing on me every day, through the long hours behind the computer. But it also pushes me to remove distractions, time sinks, and work harder.

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