Extra Fat and Happy

I’ve been eating a lot, working a lot, enjoying life.

The food is healthy (veggies, lean meat, some fruit) but the quantity is what I’m not limiting.  I want to give myself a breather, before diving back into it for the fall.

Before I finish writing this status update, let me go grab a random snack. Why? Because I can! That’s a damn good feeling. Oh and I’ll be competing in the local tournaments in the extra fat divisions. No real cutting until September.

The problem with the “diet” I was on before is that I never quite followed it seriously enough. When I competed at Worlds, my carelessness with food resulted in me being 2 lbs overweight. I ran it off in just 10 minutes and that served as a good warm up, but still this was supposed to be my fat division (middleweight, ~177 lbs). A “fat” division is one I should be able to make without cutting at all or even thinking of cutting.

Competition is stressful, and my goal for this year is to reduce that stress as much as possible. I want to not have to think about any tournaments (except the really big ones) until the day of the event. A strict diet plan leading up to each competition is part of that. While I’ve been very systematic about learning jiu jitsu. I’ve been a complete white belt meathead about learning dieting, and dieting is the thing that breaks many competitors who have demanding jobs (and/or other responsibilities) outside the sport.

Another random rant comes to a close. PS: I had beer with my coach yesterday while watching judo. We should make that a regular thing.

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  1. Danny Gutman

    The old school clubs that I’ve been to over the years… having beer after Judo is a regular thing, right of passage …. 🙂

  2. Steve Ficca

    I think that too much emphasis is put on cutting weight. Honestly I’m so frustrated of watching my teammates walking around looking like corpses, starving and miserable, spitting in cups. I just think it’s not nearly as important as people make it out to be. I feel most importantly our training should be right, we should feel strong, and in the proper mindset for competition. I want to be focused on my opponent not on my next sandwich, you know?

    That being said, I compete at 189 pounds even if I’m as light as 175. My personal philosophy is that if I come in at full strength, hydrated, and carbed up; I’m at my best. I could care less how big the guy in front of me might be.

    Oh and LOL @ beer after judo. Been there!

    1. Lex Post author

      I agree, at least I want to agree, I just have to kill the wrestler mindset still alive deep inside of me somewhere 😉 I think the confidence to go against heavier guys comes with the confidence of being on your back if needed.


    For local tournaments, I would show up and fight whatever I weighed. I recommend everyone do that. At the local level, people are seldom close enough that weight matters and your goal is not to be the toughest person in Kalamazoo (no disrespect to South Side Dojo).

    At the world level, compete in the division in which you feel strongest. I killed to make weight for 14 years of competition. I did eventually go up two weight divisions and still was far below normal body fat for a woman. For me, being at the top of the weight division was an advantage. Plus, after a week of starving, I felt like beating someone up. That being said, I think you need to select your tournaments and not be cutting 10 pounds every week.


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