Expand You Knowledge of the Possible by Reading History

Joe Rogan mentioned that DMT is a drug that expands your “database of possibilities”. DMT (aka dimethyltryptamine) is a psychodelic drug that’s popularly reported to lead to hallucinations that are life-like in that you feel not as if you’re imagining things but are actually living in the world of your imagination.

Rogan was describing the fact when you are introduced to an alternate reality, your view of the possible expands, and it humbles you in your approach to the non-drug-induced reality.

Hunter S Thompson 3_250X280I don’t personally know anything about the world of drugs (outside of what I learned from Hunter S Thompson), but I do know that this mind-expanding aspect of psychodelic drugs can be achieved through any kind of learning. One example is traveling and interacting with people from other cultures. It can open your eyes to the fact that your moral standards are much less absolute than you imagined. A second, and more powerful, example of portal into alternate reality is reading. In particular, reading historical accounts of periods of turmoil in the 20th century. It’s recent enough to be life-like and real, and distant enough to be approachable with the objective calmness of reason.

Reading about the rise of Hitler in 30’s Germany has been a very moving experience for me (especially in the account centered on an American in In the Garden of Beasts). I gained a sense of the thin wall between normalcy and chaos, and the animal nature napping patiently behind the polite veil of middle class peaceful existence.

By the way, my reference to DMT in this post is just for fun. I know nothing about this drug from personal experience. For me, the only drug I need is a Kindle and a coffee.

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