Easy Like Sunday Morning

Dear Diary,

I didn’t do any moving today. I woke up at 8am and just worked until 3pm when I had to go to my parent’s to celebrate their birthday where I drank, though not as much as I expected. But I did eat. And MAN, did I eat. Stuffing my face with fruit in a desperate (and ultimately failing) attempt to escape the other less healthy food.

I feel fat, heavy, tired, etc. I did get a good amount of work done in those 7 hours (more like 5 hours since eating, showering, etc. eats up time like nothing else).

Speaking of eating, I did watch judo during eating. Lot of great matches in the -90kg men and -70kg women divisions. I don’t feel like writing about it. But I love the power some -90kg people have. None of that ashiwaza crap. Give me big hard bad-ass throws. That’s 90kg for ya. Love it. I look at my fat ass and realize that I need to be 81kg easily instead of with some effort and maybe 73kg with effort.

Too much typing. Back to work.

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