Early Morning Training with Ray

If it’s before noon, it’s early morning in the Lex Fridman brain.

Ray and I got on the mat at Osagame to do a little training. Turned out to be a good two hours. Here’s a few clips from that session.

I asked Ray about a couple of issues that I’ve been running up against:

  1. Defending the sweep from De La Riva guard
  2. Defending the bull pass from the butterfly guard
  3. Escaping side control to turtle
  4. Reguarding to half guard or full guard from turtle

Then we trained. I enjoy (in a sick masochistic way) playing half guard or butterfly guard against Ray, because he makes it very difficult to do anything from either. He stays very low and applies a lot of pressure.

Once he passes, he consistently gets the choke within about a minute. I need to find an answer besides just turtling and then trying to reguard from turtle. The answer probably is just the fundamentals: create space and reguard. Given how tight his game is, this will require a lot of improvement for me.

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