Double Guard Pull

A double guard pull is when both competitors sit guard, and play a gripping game, a 50/50 game, or maybe looking for footlocks, etc. I saw a lot of double guard pulls in the recent Pan Ams at the lighter weights across the ranks.

According to IBJJF rules, if both competitors sit guard, and then one comes on top, then that fighter gets an advantage. I think it’s a nice rule that discourages excessive guard pulling, but doesn’t excessively punish the fighters if they both want to play that game.

I used to echo the opinion of many casual spectators of sport jiu jitsu, and criticize anyone that pulled guard, but now that I appreciate the complexity and the chess-like aspects of the ground game, I don’t criticize fighters that specialize in that strategy (at least not as much). Of course, for me, I still love the stand-up fight for the takedown, and I’ll look for it every time, unless I’m injured, or in rare cases where I feel like I might be significantly more effective off my back.

To me, how you see the idea of pulling guard boils down to how you see the sport of jiu jitsu. From the perspective of the spectator, a takedown is one of the most exciting aspects of a grappling sports, but from the perspective of a competitor, it’s just another position, just as challenging and full of possibilities as many others (closed guard, butterfly guard, spider guard, turle, etc).

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  1. Eric Silverman

    Nice assessment. There are many players out there that pull guard right away (thus the double guard pull) because they dont have a standup game. However, just as limiting is the player that can’t or won’t pull guard under any circumstances because they don’t have a good guard game. I think you need to be comfortable with both strategies depending on the situation, the opponent and your overall strategy at that particular time. If you have the choice of pulling guard or playing standup you have a huge tactical advantage.


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