Don’t Sweat It: Surving Two Hours Against the Best in the World

I’ve made a habit of watching competition footage over breakfast, and the last couple weeks I’ve been catching up on the ADCC 2011 videos (which by the way are available on BudoVideos Online for I think $10).

One observation about the superfight between Renzo Gracie and Mario Sperry… I know these guys are in excellent shape, but they were pouring bucket loads of sweat. In stark contrast, in the fight that followed with Xande Ribeiro vs Murilo Santana for third place in the absolute neither man was sweating at all. The contrast was clear.

Alright so what the hell does sweating mean anyway. It made me think back to the fact that someone like Andre Galvao fought in 8 matches, that added up to about two hours of grappling. This is two hours against some of the best competitors in world. It made me realize that jiu jitsu is ultimately an art of knowing when and how to relax and rest, while still constantly scrambling, working to improve position, or aggressively going after or defending against submissions.

Of course, in reality, Sperry and Renzo sweating a ton is probably a sign of the fact that they didn’t have to cut weight at all for this match, but it’s also symbolic of the fact that a single match is tough but a tournament of several matches in a row is another beast altogether, and requires a very different kind of approach during the matches and months leading up to the matches.

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