Do What No One Else is Doing

It’s a common belief in sports, and certainly in jiu jitsu, that there are no “shortcuts” to getting good. You “have to put in the hard work”. While in an abstract sense this is true, I think it misses the point of what it takes to get good faster than the guys you are competing against.

You have to do something that they are not doing, and that something has to be the thing that makes you win.

Too many people try to duplicate the training regimens of the top guys and just work their ass off at repeating that regimen day after day. I believe in the power of innovation. I ask myself the question every day: “What could I be doing differently that works better for my physical and mental strengths?” And it’s important that I’m always prepared to throw away the hard work of the last several months and try a different direction.

I believe my strength is the ability to repeat the same activity over and over for hundreds of times every day without exception, no matter how “boring” it is. I have to use that strength to my advantage.

I began a new set of drills at home that I believe will make me much more dangerous and effective in competition. It’s really tough to motivate myself to do them every day, but I’m going to stick with it. When it comes to training, and many things in life, I’ve learned that if I dread doing something, it’s probably a thing I should be doing more of.

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