Diamond State Games

US Grappling hosted a tournament today in Downingtown, PA. I weighed in last night (Friday) at 170 lbs, which put me in the 162-175 middleweight division.

My division was scheduled to start at 3pm. I took the train to Thorndale, rody my bike from there. I rolled in at 2:30pm and my division was already finished! I won’t say any more on this.

There was still the absolute division. I won my first match via choke from mount. My second match was against an excellent jiu jitsu player whose guard I failed to pass and so the match ended with the score tied at zero-zero. I lost the ref’s decision.

I’m very disappointed in myself. His de la riva guard and sweep attempts were excellent, but this is my game. I’m supposed to be a top player. I’m supposed to plow through these guards. Instead I took it easy. Jared was giving good advice from the sidelines that I just wasn’t pulling off…

I almost passed several times, but I was going at the level of effort I usually go at when I’m training technical stuff, definitely not 100%. I was trying to relax, control position, establish good base, etc. I did all those things, but I never did the part where I improve position by going HARD in the transitions.

In the coming months, I will put myself in the open guard situation more, and when I’m there against good players I will pass hard, with pressure, power, and persistence.

Grapplers Quest is next…

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