Defending from a Weak Position

It may make obvious sense, or maybe not, but when I train with good jiu jitsu players, I have a much better chance to stay in the game when we are in neutral position (neither player has a dominant position). I mean I can keep it neutral or even improve on the position for a little bit. On other hand, if I fall behind (e.g. get my guard passed), I have a lot of trouble stopping the situation from getting much worse quickly. By “worse”, I mean the person taking mount, getting my back, or finding a submission.

Here’s a video of me training with Ray and Eric a couple days ago:

When I fall behind in position, there’s obviously less defenses I have as options. Either my legs or arms get taken out of the game. But still I feel like many better players would be able to reguard or at least fend off submissions for longer. Luckily, having the chance to train with many higher ranks, I get to “practice” the situation of being in a weak position a lot. This is how learning is done… I will say, however, that it’s at times psychologically difficult to have my ass kicked for hours at a time.

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