Dead or Alive

Returned from taking a day off with a vengeance, until energy ran out… I need more sleep. There’s too much work, and as always, sleep is the first thing to go. But… before judo I had a hell of an upper-back workout. I made that 100 lbs dumbell my bitch with single-hand rows of 30, and then I saw a video of a guy doing 225 twenty five times:

Anyway, these types of movements is what I need to be strong for fighting. I do wish we had dumbbells of more than 100 lbs.

Intensity is on a scale of 0 to 4:

0: very light (lots of walking, yawning, and no sweat)
1: light (same as medium, but with some sitting-out, so basically trying to do medium but failing because of injury)
2: medium (standard training, there should be a good amount of sweat)
3: intense (hard randori, non-stop uchikomi, extensive interval training)
4: epic (should be rare)

  • Lifting: 2
  • Judo: 1
  • Watching judo: 20 minutes (during meals)

Main Line Judo Club

Today was harai ogoshi day, or more generally hip throws with about 100 uchikomi and watching some randori while trying to resist temptation.

I’d like to develop a really strong hip throw (probably harai) from the different belt grips. This is where my power can be used without shoulders. Kuzushi is important as always but not as crucial if their posture is broken already. So I can essentially do an east european harai that loads the uke on me with a deep grip and thus making the kuzushi on the left side less crucial.

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