De La Riva Week

Worked a lot on sweeps and submissions from de la riva / spider guard this week. I almost never play this game, but am often on the receiving end of it. The reason I avoid it is because it transfers to no-gi a lot less than other guards. The de la riva hook transfer well, but all the gripping parts of the game are not there in no-gi.

We did:

  • A sweep from spider guard
  • A lifting sweep overhead
  • Spider guard to omoplata
  • Spider guard to omoplata to triangle
  • Spider to omoplata to sleeve sweep
  • Spider to omoplata to sleeve sweep to opposite-side omoplata
  • Spider guard to lift, pop up into omoplata.

This video shows the sweep from spider guard we worked on. Some of the details are different, but the idea is the same:

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