CRUD: Create, Read, Update, and Delete

CRUD are the four basic operations commonly performed on a relational database. In MySQL for example, the four operation are implemented by INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE, respectively.

The reason for this post is that I’ve had to program these 4 basic steps hundreds of times. Every time, I do it, there’s a lot of learning as I explore new methods and techniques to accomplish the task in a more secure, efficient, and flexible way. But nevertheless, I have not yet written my own full-fledged library to take some of the burden off my shoulders in the future.

Here are some PHP libraries I found online for helping out with CRUD:

As usual, I’m still tempted to implement my own, but may invest a little time in trying each of the above (and extend them if necessary). If you have other options you’ve heard about, or have used in the past, let me know.

It just seems that the work done above is too complicated and not powerful enough, that combination almost always leads to a waste of time.

And then there are PHP web application frameworks like CodeIgniter… There is so much good code out there and so little great code.

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