Comfort Amidst Chaos

I came across the following photograph (from Daniel Berehulak of AFP/Getty Images) and couldn’t help but be reminded that inner peace does not have to be a function of outer peace.

This is a Thai resident in his flooded home near the overflowing Chao Phraya river from October 2011.

Of course, I can’t tell what exactly is going on in his mind, but it does appear that he has embraced the situation and has been able to find some semblance of comfort in a circumstance that for most of us would be stressful and bordering on traumatic.

The cigarette, the Adidas swim trunks, the reclining pose all speak of higher peace to me.

No matter how small or big the troubles in your life may be right now. Perhaps, it may be constructive to face the storm head on in your best pair of swim trunks.

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