Citizen Radio

Citizen Radio is a podcast that brings together common sense ideas (with a strong left bias) with an edgy comedy that you’ll either love or hate.

Personally, I love it.

Their podcast feels like a good bar conversation, which is why I think it will grow and grow in popularity (among the type of people that love the Daily Show).

They are not as informative or well-versed on the issues as the likes of Thom Hartmann, but they more than make up for it by a constant call to activism, social interaction, and non-stop R-rated hilarity.

The cool image in this blog is from Luke Radl who is just another example of the kind of creative and brilliant minds that are fans of the show. I feel like the thing I like more than the show itself is the community they built. Despite the “rebel” nature of the image, Citizen Radio and its fans are pretty chill and reasonable people.

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