Chris Christie: The Man, The Legend

Main point: wit in a politician is a sign of character.

Chris Christie (a man with whom I’m supposed to disagree according to the blue color of my team’s jersey) really impressed me with his announcement today that for the millionth time he is not running for president. His wit, humor, and common sense logic won me over. Whatever you think of his policies, Governor Christie is not trying to be anything, faking an image, or afraid of taking risks. That’s just what wit indicates to me, that just like Biden, he is not afraid of saying something offensive in making a point he wants to make. His priorities are on conveying the ideas in his head and not on packaging a consistent message that will help win him favor with a particular group. At least, that’s my initial impression of the man. Here’s a classic video where he tells people to “get the hell off the beach”:

Of course, I disagree with him on many issues if not most issues. In particular, he is pro-life, anti-regulation, against socialized medicine, for lowering taxes. However, I do share his critical (but constructive) view of our education system, his radical (by conservative standards) respect for and support of science, and his opposition of using U.S. military for nation building.

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