CBS This Morning: Double Dose of Charlie Rose

Main point (so you can ignore the rest): Charlie Rose is hosting a new morning show on CBS. It will be serious. It will be in depth. In other words, it’s going to fail.

I haven’t watched a morning TV shows for years. The main reason is there is too much fashion, cooking, weather, shallow political chatter, etc. There is a certain light feel to it that I guess people like to leave playing in the background for noise as they make coffee and leave for work.

But now, the morning welcomes the dark night of in-depth interviews: Charlie Rose. He is apparently going to be doing a morning program on CBS starting January 9th. The plan is to make it a serious news show with actual reporting but with a closer storytelling style. In other words, it’s going to fail.

I love Charlie Rose for his late night show on PBS. He is probably the best interviewer on television today in terms of creating a rich educational experience. Of course, it probably bores most people to death. And that’s why I think his new venture is destined to struggle and eventually collapse under the pressure of having to be more “entertaining” for the target audience in the morning which according to NPR is older women.

Luckily, he will still continue doing his evening interview show. However, I have to wonder how at age 70, five years after heart surgery, he is going to be able to handle two serious shows a day.

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