Jiu Jitsu Philosophy: Dangling Meat in Front of a Crocodile

This comment is a result of watching two videos. First: “man dangles meat in front huge crocodile” and second this instructional from Bill “the Grill” Cooper:

In the video, Bill talks about “baiting” or presenting openings for your opponent that he will not be able to resist going for, kind of like the dangling of meat in front of a crocodile. The idea is that you anticipate his attack, and use it against him by taking it away a split second before he can capitalize on it and then attack him right back. I have spent so much of my jiu jitsu training over the past 3 years focusing on keeping to solid fundamentals that this idea seemed crazy. I know a few high level players that play with this approach, and they are usually the most fun to watch. They thrive on the chaos of the scramble and non-standard positions.

I’m slowly starting to understand that it’s much easier to progress in position or to get a submission if I trick my opponent for a split second. This is certainly crucial in guard passing. You have to make them believe you’re doing one guard pass, while you’re in reality setting up another. This is very tough to do without being 100% comfortable with all the techniques involved.

Baiting is a whole another level of trickery that I’m definitely not ready for, and perhaps never will be. It requires a whole different philosophy and approach to jiu jitsu. I respect it and admire it, but my personality fits better with the slow steady positional progress towards a submission.

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