My Experience Training BJJ at Google

My time at Google has been great on many levels. There are a lot of perks (delicious free food, nap pods, game rooms, etc), but the best part is the work. It may sound strange, but I love doing research and I love programming. Those two things combine perfectly in my position here.

google-bjjAs has been known for a while now, Google has a jiu jitsu class. I finally got around to attending it. It is run by Milton Bastos, a good teacher and a good competitor. Check out his academy.

The beautiful part about jiu jitsu that I’ve noticed throughout my journey is that once you put on the gi, you shed the identity that you carry in the outside world. Your position at Google or anywhere else doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is your technique. There is something very honest and simple about that.

I got to roll with a few very good people (purple, brown, and black belts). The brown belt girl and the lighter black belt in particular threw a few interesting techniques at me that kept it fun and different. I like unorthodox games. It’s like a new puzzle that needs to be solved.

Now, IBJJF needs to organize a Silicon Valley Open: a tournament between the employees of all the companies in the area. Instead of Alliance, Atos, and Gracie Barra the teams would be Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.


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