Best WAMP for Web Development (2013 Edition)

I just wanted to put out there one guy’s opinion on the best WAMP package in 2013. I’ve had the chance to use all of the following, and here’s my rating from best (1) to worst (5). I should say first thought that all of them are very good and relatively easy to set up:

  1. EasyPHP
  2. WampServer
  3. Zend Server
  4. Uniform Server (aka UniServer)
  5. XAMPP

People on StackOverflow recommended UniServer and Zend Server, but I found UniServer difficult to use and configure and Zend Server too bulky what old-school framework-free PHP development. When I want to set up a web server, I’ll usually configure everything myself as opposed to using one of these WAMPs. But for simple development it’s nice to have something that takes under a minute to install and set up.

EasyPHP was the last thing I tried, because the name was frankly confusing (at the time, though it makes perfect sense now), but it turned out to be the easiest and most intuitive WAMP I’ve ever used. Basically, the reason I love it is super lighweight and auto-restarts every time you change the config file (httpd.conf, php.ini, etc).

This is just one guy’s opinion, but I wanted to put it out there in case it might help a fellow web developer.