Include Full BibTeX Entry Inside Text

This isn’t rocket science, but you can insert BibTeX entries as you go, instead of (dumping all the references at the end in a “References” section. It’s useful when writing many chaotic pages of notes as you crawl through dozens of publications on a particular topic you’re researching, or when making a slide presentation in Beamer.



% don't show the full list of references

% include the bibtex file

% reference individual bibtex entry 'bla'

% define the style of the bibentry citation


Another way is to use the biblatex package. Note, that at least in Ubuntu, you need to biblatex doesn’t come even with the full install of texlive-all and needs to be added seperately in the repository as a package of the same name.

% 'style' can be defined as options to this command

% \jobname is the name of this file


% full bibliography section if you like

% 'bla' is the bibtex entry label