Black Belt Night

Ray started what I think could turn out to be a very interesting night of training on Wednesday: “Black Belt Night”. Basically, it’s a night when we rotate instructors amongst the black belts from our club as well as guest instructors from other clubs. They’re almost like mini-clinics. It’s 2 hours, 7:30pm to 9:30pm every Wednesday at Osagame.

I went yesterday. The instructor was Joe “Spicy” Chiu. He is an excellent player with a remarkable competitive spirit and clean fast technique. He showed two basic combinations which I have seen before, but in a slightly different context, so it was nice to work on. Here is some video I took of the training:

I look forward to seeing how this tradition develops. Next week Alessandro is teaching. He is another one of our black belts whose game I very much respect and admire. I certainly recommend that you make it out to South Philly every Wednesday for this excellent opportunity.

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