BJJ and Judo Competition Goals for 2014

worlds_medalI’m a big believer in setting goals: tough, reachable, and numeric.

Most of my day is spent at my job (that I love) but jiu jitsu is an escape from that, and an important escape. It’s the most easily accessible, systematic way I know of taking myself out of my comfort zone: especially when I compete.

I keep my goals for work and life private, but for jiu jitsu and judo I like to write it in a blog so that my teammates and friends might join me in on some of these, and we can support each other. So here we go…

Competition by Numbers

These are numeric goals I MUST reach, no matter what. It’s a small simple list, but that’s what a goal list should be. The rest of this post is philosophical chitter-chatter.

  • Win: Win 100 matches in BJJ competition (gi or no-gi).
  • Submit: Get 50 submissions in BJJ competition (gi or no-gi).
  • Judo: Win 10 matches in judo competition.
  • Big Throws: Throw 5 black belts for ippon in judo competition

Mindset Goals

These are not really “goals”, but things to keep in mind and strive for, in order to make the actual numeric goals make me a better human being and fit into my life.

  • Lose: It’s okay to lose over and over. Lose a million times, as long as I reach the above goals.
  • Forget: Put every loss behind me immediately (except for the technical mistakes made). Just because I get mounted and submitted, doesn’t mean I can’t come back in 5 minutes and return the favor to the same guy.
  • Fun: Have fun competing and training. Smile (at least on the inside) and enjoy the fuck out of the ride.

Competition Attendance

Again, these aren’t really goals but are guides. Travelling far for a tournament is tough especially when I’m working weeks of 10-12 hour days, so I’m not going to put the pressure on myself that I *must* do it, but I do strongly believe I should and want to. Here are the BIG tournaments that I want to attend with the full intention to win gold.

  • World Pro Trials Montreal
  • Pans
  • NY Open
  • Worlds
  • No-Gi Pans
  • No-Gi Worlds

See “Forget” above. It’s very important to put any losses at a major tournament immediately behind me.

Drilling, Cardio, Training

I set drilling, training, and cardio goals often and I think these goals work a lot better on the scale of 1-3 months. Competition goals are the ones that work better on the scale of 1 year, so that’s what I did in this post.

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