Best Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Forums

First, the list of top jiu jitsu forums, then some philosophizing by me. If I’m missing a good one or the order is “wrong”, let me know.

  1. Sherdog Grappling Forum
  2. Underground Atama BJJ Forum
  3. Jiu Jitsu Forums
  4. Lockflow BJJ and Submission Forums

Other promising new non-forum forums:

Also, in case you’re interested in judo, hands down (as far as I know) the best forum for judo is

Forums are the oldest form of communication known to man. A bunch of people sign up under a real or fake identity, and can say (almost) whatever they want. There are two defining characteristics of a forum:

  1. Everyone’s comment has equal value. Meaning, you can’t up-vote a good comment or down-vote a bad comment.
  2. The design and navigation of the forum has to have the look and feel of a website that was create in the mid 90’s.

internet-tough-guyMiraculously, such flat structure produces some remarkably valuable content amid a sea of unremarkable chatter. The bits of good advice and commentary is extracted by Google for posterity. Say you’re looking for “cutting weight for BJJ competition”. Google is your friend. Type that into the search box and you’ll get some blogs and some forum links. Both will be full of advice from white belt to black belt in a one sentence or multi-paragraph form. It might be from a post made in 2003 or 2013, and either way you’ll probably get some good food for thought.

I try to avoid forums precisely because of point #1 above. It’s easy to get pulled into comments that fuel drama and never get to the comments that have good thought-provoking advice. But still, I think it’s important to regularly go to the forums to get ideas on how to improve your game and also to stay in touch with the jiu jitsu community.

One thought on “Best Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Forums

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