Best BJJ Podcasts

Ever since we started the Take It Uneasy podcast, I began looking into what other podcasts on BJJ there are out there. I knew of Open Mat Radio and Fightworks Podcast, but I didn’t know any beyond that. Anyway, I believe that the more the merrier. The only kind of podcast I don’t like is one with crappy sound quality. It’s funny, but I very rarely encounter a podcast with content so bad it makes me not want to listen, but I do very often encounter a podcast with sound quality so bad, I can’t hear anything or there is so much noise that my ears bleed a little with every episode.


I thought I’d investigate and put up the following list in case others are looking for the same thing. Of course, please do check out my podcast on the website or on iTunes, but after you do that, disappointed and disenchanted, try out one from the following list. I won’t tell you which my favorites are. They are all good, so when I say “Best BJJ Podcasts” I really mean “BJJ podcasts I’m aware of that still have a website and don’t have horrible sound quality”. But that title is less catchy.

In alphabetical order, here they are:

After making this list (but way before publishing it), I also came across the same kind of list in a Google Doc from a friend and fellow blogger Slidey Foot. Check that link out because he also has some notes on each podcast in terms of what the content is.

If there are BJJ-related podcasts out there that I didn’t mention, please post them in comments below.

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