Best BJJ Competition Regimen: Strength, Conditioning, Technique, Rolling, Rest

rocky-in-russia-in-the-snowPeople learn, live, train differently. I’m not going to judge, but for me, the best regimen is just drilling and rolling, approximately twice as much drilling as rolling.

What do I do for strength and conditioning? It’s simple. Here’s my complete training regimen:

  • For technique learning: Drill slowly.
  • For “rest” days: Drill at a medium pace.
  • For conditioning: Drill quickly.
  • For strength: Drill moves that require lots of legs, hips, shoulders, core, back.
  • For rolling: Drill against an opponent who’s resisting at 100%.

When I say “drill”, I mean very specifically designed drills to improve aspects of my game that I’m working on for periods of several months. I don’t randomly switch drills around. I keep doing the same drills for months a time. I do drills with a partner, solo, and on a dummy. The latter two are extremely important because those can be done no matter where you are or what’s going on in your life. Meaning: there’s no excuse not to do it.

Again, when I say “drill”, I mean doing the same move thousands of times for years. My personality is much like that of the the chef in the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi in that I enjoy exploring the tiniest details that make the same old simple thing work better. Work at it every day, over and over and over. And that kind of exploration can and should take a lifetime.

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