Batsugun at Hudson Judo Promotional

Lex at Hudson Judo Promotional

I competed in the Hudson Judo Promotional Tournament today.

This promotional tournament is run twice a year and gives a chance to competitors to attain the next rank through fighting. The “on-the-mat promotion” is referred to as “batsugan”.

This isn’t a standard bracket tournament. It’s a “line tournament” where you follow the king-of-the-hill model. If you win a match, you stay on the mat and continue fighting. If you win X fights in a row by ippon you get promoted on the spot. X depends on your rank.

Hudson Judo provides the following requirements for X:

  • Sankyu to Nikyu – 2 ippons in a row
  • Nikyu to Ikkyu – 3 ippons in a row
  • Ikkyu to Shodan – 3 ippons in a row
  • All Dan Grades – 5 ippons in a row

I’m Sankyu (1st degree brown), so only needed 2 wins (unfortunately). I got them: two ippons in two quick matches. This was my first line tournament, and so I didn’t know what to expect. However, I was hoping that I could keep fighting after the two wins, but they actually stop you after two. This aspect wasn’t fun, and also the two opponents I got were of the style that I don’t like to face. They actually won their other matches, but they weren’t playing relaxed technical judo. They were just being stiff and strong without purpose. I was patient and just waited for them to relax a bit.

Overall, as usual, the tournament was run very well by Billy Martin. I’m glad I got to experience this format of competition. I was very proud of myself for getting there on time using public transit (2 transfers, bus to train to bus) and reading over 200 pages of a difficult book while in transit. So I used my time wisely.

Also, I met a cute girl there, that was unmanageably witty. The first thing she did was to make fun of me, which is always a plus. We hit it off right away, but since she is from New Jersey, I probably won’t be calling her ; – ) Anyway, all that, and a ton of fresh green apples, added up to one hell of a good day.

Here’s the video of my two short matches:


0 thoughts on “Batsugun at Hudson Judo Promotional

  1. Billy D

    Way to go! Congratulations, Lex!

    …wait, all we get is a judo video? No pics of The Girl?!?!?!
    Rip off! 😉

  2. Henzo Cimura

    I really like your blog. I thought it was you walking into Judo Tech building. The level of competition increases dramatically once you reach nikkyu and ikkyu, and it’s the third match that will really challenges you. I hope you will compete again in the coming fall.


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