Balance Studios Belt Promotions (June 2013)

Last weekend we had belt promotions at Balance Studios in Philadelphia. Steve Plyler, Aldo Sehibi, Ronnie Wuest, and James Chiariello received their black belts. Here’s a video of three of them showing some techniques, a few rolls, and a humble (yet epic) speech by Aldo.

It was a little surreal watching these guys demo the techniques that they’ve caught me with hundreds of times. They’re artists who’ve achieved a high level of mastery and yet are still at the very beginning of their journey. I look forward to many more hard training sessions with them in the coming months and years.

Lots of other regulars got promoted as well (full list here). Darren Lugiano, John Baram, Dave Billeter, Earl Small got their brown belts. A ton of new purple belts and even more new blue belts followed.

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