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Did osoto-gari today. Around 50 uchikomi in class, and FINALLY allowed myself to be thrown. It felt great. Shoulders were a bit cranky but no real pain rose up. I really like the “fit 4, throw on 5” pattern. It’s good for my shoulder and soul.

Also did about 100 seoi nage uchikomi with resistance bands (about 70 in the free weight room and 30 in the dojo). I can do 200-400 a day. Need a program!

I also realized that I’ve probably fitted osoto-gari many thousands of times but threw it under 50 total in the last 5 months. I liked the rhythm I got into with Corey. It’s obvious that the partner I’m working with is really important. Enough said.

In the gym, I trained shoulders. Military press, smith machine shrugs, lateral raise machine. It’s been a while. No pain in the shoulders! Then again, the side of the shoulder was never a problem for me. It’s always the front.

I might allow myself to be thrown (and throw) at Main Line tomorrow. We’ll see.

I really have to develop a concrete training program for lifting, cardio, judo, etc. I am going by intuition in the last several weeks because of the injury. I should have a program that says “if you’re injured do (1) and if you feel no pain, do (2)”. The main goal there is so I get enough rest in. I should be careful not to overtrain on certain aspects while undertraining on other.

Russian, out!

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  1. jez resistance

    Try doing a few more exercises to strengthen the upper back… that will take the pressure of the shoulders and protect them when you are thrown… reverse flies, bent over row, lat pull downs, narrow grip pull downs. Also, stretch the chest. Most shoulder pain is caused by the chest muscles pulling the shoulders too far forward… add impact to that and the shoulders will be in trouble!


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