Back Take with Wilson Reis

wilson-reis-back-take-guillotineI trained no-gi at BJJ United last night. As always, good instruction and tough training. Wilson Reis was running the class. He keeps the intensity up, from warm up to drills to live training.

As part of the warm up, one thing that stood out is the single leg defense drill that I remember doing a lot in wrestling. The opponent gets a single leg on you, and then you hop around for about 20-30 seconds. The surprising thing was how easy it was for the first 10 seconds, and how tough it was after that. Once the calves started burning, my will to continue hopping around quickly diminished.

He showed a cool (acrobatic) back take where you open up a guy’s turtle by flipping over to a bridge and bringing him along. In Wilson’s match against Bruno Tostes (included below), you can see him attempt it at the 0:55 mark. This is a great way to open up a defensive turtle.


We finished from there with a guillotine. He reminded me to do all the steps and to do them well as I was getting lazy on the hooks and the wrist control. It was great to have an instructor after me. As a result I kept the pace up and the technique sharp.

BJJ United are good people (Jared, Wilson, Sharon, etc). Email or friend on Facebook.

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