Ariel Zeevi Footsweep

Ariel Zeevi is a 33 year old judoka that put Israel on the (judo) world map in the last 10 years.

He had a remarkable performance at the 2010 Tokyo Grand Slam, constantly threatening his (much younger) opponents with clean powerful techniques. Drop seoi nage was always the main threat, but off of that, he was able to get a beautiful footsweep (shown below), as well as many other scoring attacks.

This is a particularly good example of not giving up when an attack fails. Too often I see the top level guys both stop when the attack is blocked. Anai is an example of that. Of course, he’s one of the best judoka in the world, so it’s hard to criticize him. But I feel like he’s never in a battle, he walks around like he just woke up, until he tosses his opponent with a huge uchi mata. For the mere mortals, however, I feel like constant creative combinations is where it’s at…

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