“Anytime You Defend, You’re Losing the Fight”

The title of this post is a quote from Marcelo Garcia. He continues: “The more you attack, the more your opponent will make mistakes.”

This philosophy may at first seem to contradict the Helio Gracie philosophy of survival. But to me it’s one and the same. To me, the quote simply means that your mind must always be focused on attacking.

I’ll sometimes find myself relaxing too much and just going with the flow of the training session. While physically, this can have a multitude of positive long-term benefits, I believe an overly relaxed mental state is not productive. You have to always be thinking: “Is there an attack here? Is there an opening for a guard pass, a sweep, an escape, a submission?” Even when physically you’re completely relaxed, mentally you have to be fully engaged and constantly analyzing the current position and the position you anticipate is coming up next. That’s were learning happens.

Anyway, to me, the Marcelo quote is just a reminder to not be mentally lazy, and that all improvement comes from figuring out and internalizing the key details that make jiu jitsu easy. Details, details, details…

However, in competition, the quote’s more direct meaning applies even more. It requires confidence and focus, but the best game is the one that constantly puts your opponent on the defensive. If you’re on the attack, you’re winning!

Here’s the video I got the quote from:

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