Another Rant On Drilling

It’s remarkable to me how few people want to drill. I won’t claim to any expertise in jiu jitsu or judo (obviously), but I really believe if you want to win in competition you have to drill your A-game A LOT. I mean thousands of repetitions, regularly: every time you step on the mat.

What is drilling good for?

First, it develops confidence in the technique. I mean real confidence. For example, for passing guard, confidence is the belief that you can pass anyone’s guard. I don’t have this at all yet, but that’s the goal. This belief is essential to put the kind of power and drive behind a technique that’s required to make it work.

Second thing drilling does is fill your mind with the technique you’re drilling. If you drill enough, it’s all you think about. You start to understand all the intricate details of it. You start to visualize different possibilities of counters, counters to counters, counters to counters to counters, and so on. And so when you do live training, all of that information gets integrated into a complete system around the technique.

Third thing drilling does, as is commonly know, is it develops muscle memory so that you can execute it cleanly at a speed and with a timing that nullifies the possible counters and defenses. Moreover, it develops the strength, power, and endurance of the muscle required to execute the technique.

I won’t say anything else. I’m pretty frustrated about my inability to get regular drilling going. I know when I played piano and guitar, practice was essential. Practice with a clear purpose. Which usually meant doing stuff that wasn’t at all pleasant, and would be considered incredibly boring by most folks. It’s the end result that I’m after, and I’m willing to pay the costs of hard work in order to win, in all aspects of my life.

0 thoughts on “Another Rant On Drilling

  1. Dolph

    I totally agree with you Lex. Drilling is essential, but it’s tough to find folks wanting to drill the same technique for just 20 or 30 minutes.

  2. Monica

    I agree.
    As a white belt of 3 months, this is what I look forward. Sure, rolling is good but drilling is where I learn the most. I feel like it’s the foundation. I just wish we spent more time on it. It’s frustrating doing live rolls when I don’t have a solid understanding of the technique.


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