ADCC 2011 Interviews

Budo Jake put up a bunch of great short interviews with the competitors of the 2011 ADCC submission grappling tournament (that’s happening tomorrow and Sunday). The following are my favorites of these interviews, with some comments.

Ryan Hall

This one stood out because Ryan looks skinny, even skinnier than usual (though not as skinny as Jeff Glover), and he mentions that he takes the weight cutting very seriously, and that he stayed on weight for two weeks out, which is probably the right way to do it, but is just damn hard to do.

Braulio Estima

Braulio won the ADCC last time (in 2009) both in his weight (88 kg or 194 lbs) and the absolute at the age of 29 which makes him one of the older competitors now at 31. He talked about how 35 is really the peak for a BJJ athlete because it’s when the mind and body come together.

What I especially liked is the idea of  a “jiu jitsu compass” he talked about, which is the process of constantly improving, and structuring training such that improvement is maximized. This is in contrast to the way that (as he says) many people approach BJJ which is roll, day after day, just to butt heads.

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