Abu Dhabi U.S. Trials

On February 5th, 2011, New Jersey will be hosting the trials for the World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship. Registration deadline is this Monday, January 31st. They have divisions for white through black belts, men and women. So register now!

First, let me clarify a natural confusion that probably arises with the mention of “Abu Dhabi”. Abu Dhabi is a city in United Arab Emirates. In the grappling community it has become famous in the last 10 years when UAE president Sheikh Zayed helped organize and fund the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship. This was and is a great thing for the grappling community as it awards substantial monetary prizes to professional grapplers that excel in the sport.

The Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship is a completely separate competition, funded by a different Sheikh, and with a much greater focus on the gi. It’s providing prizes that total to $1,000,000. This will certainly help ensure its growth by attracting the best jiu jitsu players in the world. Its future looks bright! I strongly encourage that you hop on and compete at the trials in New Jersey next weekend to help make it a great tournament this year and in the years to come. I’ll be competing in the Blue Belt division and hope to go against some of the best BJJ  players in the area.

You can listen to Fernando Paradeda talk about the idea behind this event, and some of the details on this Fightworks Podcast.

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