A Weekend of BJJ and Judo Tournaments

I went to a couple tournaments this past weekend. On Saturday it was BJJ with The Good Fight and on Sunday it was Judo with Tech Judo Invitational.

I rarely do back to back tournaments on the same weekend, not because of physical or mental reasons, or even financial reasons, but because I usually have a ton of work and taking out two complete days is too much for my to-do list to handle. And I don’t kid myself anymore: no one ever gets any work done at the tournament, or after the tournament for that matter.

Of course, I had a ton of work, but you only live once. Competition keeps me honest in the rest of my life, so I ignore all the obvious “reasonable” excuses and go fight.

I won all my BJJ matches. I won the brown belt division and lost in the black belt division in Judo. The following are two video “blogs” documenting the experience at those two tournaments. I’m playing around with this format, and hopefully will learn to make it a bit more interesting than just video of traffic for 10 minutes.

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