A U.S. President Cannot Have a C Grade in U.S. History

rick-perry-transcriptRick Perry got a lot of C’s and D’s in introductory courses that are frankly not at all “college level”. For example, as the following transcript shows, he got a D in trigonometry, a C in U.S. History, and a D in Principles of Economics, just to name a few.

This should be something he is ashamed of, instead he uses as an anecdote to present himself as one with the common man, one who would rather fight for his country than fight for a C+. That might be an effective political strategy, but the side effect of that is the devaluation of education in our public discourse. A D in trigonometry should be a disqualifier for a presidential candidate.

While the political bickering over tax policy continues, we have to remember that what made this country prosperous and what is behind any future growth is innovation. It’s difficult for me to imagine that a person who failed in scientific disciplines in college can properly inspire a new generation of bright productive minds.

And joking about the whole thing is just terribly irresponsible. Just don’t talk about it!

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  1. matt

    If I might offer a hypothetical:

    Had Perry come back after having served, re-engaged his education with a renewed enthusiasm, and subsequently achieved exemplary marks in these subjects, I think it would have demonstrated at least as much as doing so the first time.

    As a technical person myself, I cringe at the idea of someone with a cavalier attitude towards advancing science leading our country. On the other hand, I think someone with the combination of academic achievement and a perspective gained through hard life lessons represents a much stronger candidate for leadership of any kind.


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