A Shot Won’t Save You From Being Taken Down

This is the part of the blog post where I cry about little things that no self-respecting man should cry about. What I was dealing with last night:

  • Cauliflower ear
  • Trying to train in headgear so that the new cauliflower ear would heal up eventually.
  • One of my contacts fell out half way through training. Couldn’t find it.
  • Because of allergies my eyes were itching and nose was stuffed.
  • Only 4 hours of sleep the night before.

Okay now I will put my teddy bear and pink kleenex box down.

The no-gi training at night at BJJ United was solid as always. Hard warm up, and fast-paced technical drills for the first half hour.

One of the things Wilson Reis had us drill was the re-shot double. When the opponent shoots in for a double, you stop them with hooks and explosively lift them up a level to create the space for a re-shot of a double of your own. I really like this idea of shooting in on the opponent even if he shoots first. Usually, I sprawl and look to come around to the back, but if his shot is not low enough (or committed enough), then this is a great option.

Here’s a video of Dan Gable teaching a similar re-shot technique. Instead of lifting your opponent, in this case, he waits for the opponent to come back up on his own:


As always, thanks to BJJ United, they’re good people (Jared, Wilson, Sharon, etc). Email bjjunited@comcast.net or friend on Facebook.

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