A Rare Display of Mutual Respect Across Party Lines

In the past several weeks, the level of partisan vile has escalated beyond the point where I could filter it out and stay connected to the central policy ideas that each candidate stands for. I tuned out for the most part, and retreated back into my usual cave of preferring historical nonfiction over current event shallow opinion flinging. But of all people, the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, has brought me back to modern life with a non-partisan praise for the president in his efforts to help New Jersey recover from hurricane Sandy:

When I heard this today, I was reminded that the people of this country can come together in a time of need, even if just the day before they were bickering in dramatic fashion over relatively minor policy differences.

I always believed that a successful argument, no matter how heated it gets, must be built on a foundation of friendship and respect. What I have been noticing more and more is that Congress has been drifting away from being this nation’s battlefield of ideas towards a red vs blue food fight of talking points and personal attacks.

There are a lot of people that dislike Chris Christie’s policy decisions in New Jersey, and I understand that. But I do wish that there were more men like him in politics who calculate less and speak from the heart more because their heart is grounded fundamentally in  respect for their colleagues in politics.

Anyway, I’m sure that after the news of the storm and its flood waters subside, the country will return to the more cynical view of our political leaders. But that won’t stop me from enjoying this rare moment of mutual respect.

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